SM64 Star Road-0

Yayazura7762 is a SM64 Machinimist from Malaysia who like Mario and Super Smash Bros. series. He was make his SM64 bloopers and playing SSBB and SSF2 (Smash Bros. Fanmade). He also was co-master and co-master in this wiki.

The list of Yayazura7762's friendsEdit

Best Friends:


  • LuigiFan383
  • Starmario74
  • MarioRocks901321
  • Superstarmario88
  • LuigiLuigi573
  • bigblast66
  • smg4fan11
  • SuperMarioHax74
  • SpeedyMario7
  • SuperBluey7449
  • jakobthecool867
  • Superstarmario99
  • Dshaynie
  • TheCrashBandicoot12 (even he closed his Youtuber account)

The people he hatesEdit

  • SuperEmiga
  • EmigasFist
  • Mahri2677 (his dopple)
  • Troller

The list of his bloopersEdit

Jump to the top castle - January, 21 2013

Trapped in the haunted house - January, 25 2013

50 subcribes special!! - January, 27 2013

Meet my dopple! - February, 5 2013

5 ways to EmigasFist died - February, 8 2013

Trapped in desert - February, 22 2013

150 subcribes special a.k.a randomness 1 - February, 27 2013

Unknown a new short bloopers - TBA


  • One of the his bloopers, 'Trapped in desert' was originally be 'Lost in desert'
  • His colour code was simillar to EmigasFist but slightly differents from his colour code because his white gloves, his face and a brown shoe.

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